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Here at Orcas Web we believe that online advertising and networking is a way to build wealth, increase product exposure, and improve personal and business models for creative expression and retail expansion. We provide high quality hosting with easily accessed and managed domain controls, a dedicated support staff, and numerous other features to make building and moving web content easy and secure.

Rick Boucher and Gerry Baker began designing websites as part of their startup company, San Juan Web, in 1998 and were forerunners in the industry for local innkeepers, businesses, and entrepreneurs whose advertising strategies were about to move from newspaper and other print media to full online promotion.

San Juan Web also developed their own sites, improving their skills and creating the original suite of sites now anchored by OrcasIsland.org. Since that time we added on to our technical staff and continued to experiment with various domain hosting formats while observing the developing industry trends. In 2017 San Juan Web merged with Orcas Online to form Orcas Web with the goal of designing marketable and highly connected advertising websites as well as providing high quality domain hosting to personal and professional enterprises. Since its formation Orcas Web has already produced multiple single and multi-page websites for entrepreneurs and local businesses. In 2018 Orcas Web adopted Wordpress as its principle web design platform and launched its domain and hosting features providing customers with a variety of plans for purchasing and hosting domains with a wide variety of available extensions. Orcas Web prides itself on professional customer service with rapid response to the purchase orders, questions, and concerns of our customers. Seeking to abide by the industry’s highest standards, Orcas Web makes acquiring, hosting, and moving domains easy, convenient, and safe. We here at Orcas Web hope you enjoy browsing our hosting and domain plans; and please contact our support staff with any questions or custom needs you may have.

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