Ultimate Managed Multisite Hosting

Package Features

Hosting on a Premuim Wordpress Server

Premium Hosting provides offers space on a dedicated WordPress Server, fully optimized to run WordPress and seamlessly integrate its features and plugins into your website’s design. Expand your Wordpress installation to its limit.

20 GB Storage

Our Premium WordpPress Hosting plan supplies you with a full 20 GigaBytes of server storage. Construct your website with as much detail and intricacy as you need with space for thousands of images, posts, product pages, and web tools.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Enjoy website management and accessibility that is faster than ever. With Premium WordPress Hosting you benefit from unmetered bandwidth for all web traffic through your domain. You'll get all the data your network can handle; no fees or restrictions apply.

Included Premium Email

Included in our Premium Wordpress Plan is our Premium Email package which allows you to create as many emails as you want. See our full Premium Email details Here.

Free Domain*

One free domain is included with our Premium WordPress Hosting package. Get your website parked immediately, or corner your web space with domain pointing towards your primary web domain. Premium WordPress Hosting also includes unlimited subdomains for even greater webspace management and optimization.

Full Friendly Support

Our expert support team is ready and willing to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. From your first browse through Orcas Web to the finishing touches of your new website, we are with you all the way!

C-Panel Dashboard

Orcas Web hosting utilizes the C-Panel Dashboard for its users. C-Panel is user-friendly, highly popular and able to provide quick, efficient, and comprehensive access to your web hosting server. Premium WordPress Hosting provides you with full access through C-Panel facilitating as much or as little control over your server as you desire.

Free SSL

Don’t worry about your websites getting blocked or flagged. Orcas Web hosting includes SSL for all websites you host with us, free of charge. SSL ensures the safety of your data and that of your clients and site visitors, and provides the secure encryption that modern web users have come to expect.

App Installer

The App Installer is a premium market tool designed to initialize any plugin, add-on, or dashboard installation you desire with minimal downtime and no hassle. Swap platforms and plugins at will with no data loss.

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