Who do I contact about billing?


Orcas Web utilizes the secure and fully supported WHMCS billing platform to handle its customer billing accounts.  Our staff continually monitors the system’s financial transactions and WHMCS’s expertly designed control panel enables us to adjust billing requirements and amounts as our customers require.  All of your transactions with us are safe, efficient, and easily tracked.


Who Do I Contact About Billing?

Orcas Web’s accommodating and professional tech support is able to assist you with any billing questions or concerns you may have.  We can handle any inquiries regarding pricing, processing, dates and times, and ongoing billing.  Our billing staff also supports Orcas Online billing, but all records and transactions take place on separate databases ensuring zero potential for crossover error.  Contact our office at 360-376-4124 or send an email to billing@orcasweb.com.


What payment methods are accepted?

Our versatile billing system can accept any standard payment methods.  Local customers are free to stop by our office with cash or checks.  We can also setup automatic withdrawals through PayPal or directly with your bank.  Debit cards and credit cards of every type are accepted and WHMCS validates and encrypts all recorded card numbers.  Mail-in payments can be sent to Orcas Online, PO Box 1901, Eastsound, WA 98245.


How are refunds processed?

When a refund request meets our refund policy our standard approach is to refund the requested amount via the method that it was received through.  If the payment was made with a card, we refund the amount directly to the card; PayPal is treated the same way.  If the payment was made with cash or check, then we cut a business check for the refunded amount and mail it to the address you provide.  As always, any special situation can be discussed with our billing and support staff; we can also apply funds as a credit on your account to be applied to future invoices.


Are my transactions with Orcas Web secured?

Our certified WHMCS billing system utilizes SSL for every connection you establish with it.  The system encrypts stored credit card data so that even we cannot view it once it is entered.  WHMCS also keeps a detailed log of user access and transaction history enabling us to trace any suspicious activity and reverse unwanted charges.  Additionally, Orcas Web does not collect any personal information other than your name and contact information; no birth date, SSN, or personal address required.

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