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Search the Whois

Have a domain name in mind? Search WHOIS for the current status of domains and their related extensions for availability.

What's in the WHOIS ?

Anyone who registers a domain has their relevant contact information stored in the WHOIS. Domain registrars, the entities that provide domains to clients, are required to store this information and make it available for public use. This usually includes contact information and names related to the domain.

Is my information secure?

It is important to remember that, while WHOIS information on domain registration is public, sensitive information like payment methods are not publicly visible and are also not stored on the WHOIS records. However, all relevant contact information related to a domain registrant is stored in WHOIS records and provided to anyone who asks for it.

Why Should I Keep My Information Private?

WHOIS records contain all contact information that a customer provides when they register a domain. This can include email addresses, physical mailing addresses, and phone numbers. This information is not inherently dangerous, but can still lead to large amounts of spam, junk mail, and unwanted solicitations. Ensuring that your WHOIS information is kept private is a critical step at avoiding long hours of sifting through unwanted correspondence.

How can I protect my privacy?

Orcas Web provides complete WHOIS privacy to all its domain and hosting customers. WHOIS privacy ensures that your information remains concealed on our servers while the WHOIS database is populated with our generic information. Keep your web traffic smooth and your inbox clear with Orcas Web.

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