Wireless Internet

Orcas Online has been providing wireless internet service to its customers since 2001 and became an exclusive wireless internet provider in 2017.  We have found wireless internet technology to be cheap, customizable, and easy to manage even on our multi-layer integrated network.  Through our application of wireless internet, we have brought high-speed internet to hundreds of residences that were originally relegated to DSL, or even unable to access the internet at all.

Wireless Internet.

The wireless technology utilized by Orcas Online operates on a peer to peer system, deploying several “access points” situated around Orcas Island and on neighboring islands such as Waldron and Blakely.  A wireless receiver dish on the customer’s property receives the bandwidth transmitted from the Orcas Online main office in Eastsound through the network of access points.  Customers enjoy wired and wireless internal network options through wireless, multi-port routers as well as custom installation options including wi-fi range extenders and network extensions to additional structures.

How reliable is wireless internet?

Our remote area faces many challenges related to internet and wireless internet is no exception.  However, as the industry improved we have been able to rely more and more on remote management for our network of access points.  Wireless signal strength and bandwidth capacity have proven stable in rainy, foggy, smoky, and even blizzard conditions and our application of battery backups and gasoline generators enables our network to remain operational during planned and unplanned power outages.  Our network is self-monitoring to ensure that any loss of communication between access points is immediately reported to our technical staff.

What does the installation entail?

Our wireless system is compact and easy to set up.  We use Ubiquiti products for our wireless receiver units and we are capable of deploying a wide range of dishes, antennas, and boxes as the need arises.  Generally, we require line of site to one of our access points, but some of our wireless technology is able to penetrate dense tree cover to an extent.  All of our receivers combine internet and powerlines via Power Over Ethernet technology, which is installed inside the residence and connected to a wireless router that we can supply to the customer.  Our field technicians are experienced with home installations and can arrange the setup to suit your needs.  If line of sight is an issue we can also perform tree climb installations to ensure a good signal from our access points.

Can I find out more?

Our Orcas Online office is open Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 5 pm; feel free to call in to 360-376-4124 or stop by.  You can also send an email to info@orcasonline.com and be sure to visit our website for a list of prices and speeds as well as other services and features we can offer you.

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