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If you manage your own domain name you must update the MX records at your domain registrar.

MX records tell the world how to find the server so you can receive emails sent to you domain.  Usually you can edit the MX records for your domain through the control panel you use for managing your DNS.  You can keep your website hosted at one place and host your email with a different provide.

First delete all other MX records, then add the following (both):

Host Name:       @
Record Type:   MX
Address:        mx.emailarry.com
Priority/Preference:    10

Host Name:       @
Record Type:   MX
Address:  mx2.emailarray.com
Priority/Preference:  20

IMPORTANT:  We recommend that you DO NOT create  CNAME  records within your domain to point to EmailArrayMx.

To access webmail using a custom URL, you must configure CNAME records with in your domain (from your registrar dashboard) for the webmail host:

Host Name:  smtp
Record Type:  CNAME
Address:  smtp.emailarray.com

Host Name:  imap
Record Type:  CNAME
Address:  imap.emailarray.com

Host Name:  cp
Record Type:  CNAME
Address:  cp.emailarray.com

Host Name:  pop
Record Type:  CNAME
Address:  pop.emailarray.com

Host Name:  webmail
Record Type:  CNAME
Address:  webmail.emailarray.com

The SPF record keeps your email from being marked as spam.

First check for any existing TXT records with SPF.If there is no existing SPF Record, add a TXT record with the following value:

Host Name:  @
Record Type:  TXT
Address:  v=spf1 include:emailarry.com -all

If there is and SPF record, edit it and insert the following value before the final -all directive:  include:emailarray.com

More Information:

Host Name       Record Type     Address                                                                                          Priority

autodiscover A (Address)
autoconfig A (Address)
@ MX mx.emailarray.com 10
@ MX mx2.emailarray.com 20
smtp CNAME smtp.emailarray.com
imap CNAME imap.emailarray.com
pop CNAME pop.emailarray.com
cp CNAME cp.emailarray.com
webmail CNAME webmail.emailarray.com
rc URL Redirect https://rc.emailarray.com
@ SPF (txt) v=spf1 include:emailarray.com ip4:<ip address of your site> -all

Free Domain Policy:

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