What is DNS management?

Published: September 2, 2020

Every digital system needs monitoring.  Most older systems, like the internet protocols, are effectively self-maintaining, but this doesn’t mean that individual users can’t customize those systems for their own uses.  This is especially relevant in the case of hosting where optimization and differentiation are critical in getting your content published and exposed to the digital world.  This is where DNS Management comes in and how it becomes important to you.

What Is DNS Management?

The DNS, or Domain Name System, running on millions of servers around the world, is the lifeblood of web traffic through the internet.  DNS Management is the process through which that system’s interaction with specific domains is setup, altered, and ultimately optimized according to the domain owner’s specifications.  Most domain owners are content allowing their hosting service or Internet Service Provider to handle DNS Management for them, but some users are confident in taking such tasks into their own hands.

What can I do with DNS Management?

The changes you can bring about with DNS Management are dependent on the leeway that your hosting service provides you with.  You can change your domain name or extension and can even set up your DNS to point to a specific IP address, which speeds up the rate that users can find your website.  Full DNS Management also facilitates that use of redundant servers since it enables you or your hosting provider to pair DNS credentials across servers.

Who normally manages DNS?

Organizations like ICANN, Verisign, and even NASA maintain the root servers that effectively control DNS interaction on the internet.  Local DNS is managed by your ISP and/or hosting service, and these organizations work off the root servers to get your content through the internet to browsers all over the world.  With some research and experience, it is fully possible for you to manage DNS related to your web content, at least as far as its own interaction with the root servers.

Is it necessary to get involved with DNS Management?

As you have already seen, the DNS for any published website is taken care of automatically so you don’t need to do anything to keep your content on the internet.  DNS Management is an optional but very useful tool for anyone trying to get digital content or products out to the world as it allows the optimization of DNS to ensure rapid access to websites and efficient use of web data.  The extent of your involvement in DNS Management is up to you, and don’t be afraid to venture out and experiment with DNS Management in your own web design work.

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