WordPress: The Tool Bar

In this tutorial we’ll take a brief look at all the tools listed in the “Visual Editor Tool Bar”.

First is a styling dropdown menu for adjusting the style of your post’s content.

Clicking the “Bold” icon will make your text bold.

Next is the “Italics” icon, clicking this will italicize your text.

This icon will create an unordered, or bulleted, list, while the following represents an ordered, or numbered, list.

The Quote icon lets you create a block quote, highlight your text and click the “Block Quote” icon.

The following three icons represent alignment.  You can use these three to “Align Left”, “Center” your text, or “Align Right”.  The “Link” and “Unlink” icons allow you to add or remove links to pages and posts on your site or external websites.

The “Insert More” tool allows you to create a break in the page to give a shorter preview in your post’s listings.  This tool may or may not affect your site depending on your theme.

The “Full Screen” icon allows you to edit or create your content without distraction by eliminating the sidebar and all other modules.

The “Kitchen Sink” icon reveals another row of tools for editing and formatting content.

Strikethrough your text by clicking on the “Strikethrough” icon.  This is typically used to show errors, or changes made to a post.

The next tool will insert a horizontal line wherever you click.

Use this icon to change the color of your text.

The “Past Plain Text” box lets you insert text from another text editor and remove any formatting that may have occurred in the other editor.

The “Remove Formatting” tool removes formatting from a targeted group of text by clicking on this icon when text is highlighted.

You can insert a custom character, such as the copyright symbol and the trademark symbol, by clicking on the “Special Character” icon and selecting it from the list.

Outdent and indent your text with the “Outdent” and “Indent” icons.

The remaining icons are the “Undo” and “Redo” buttons.

Clicking on the “Question Mark” will pull up a visual editor help menu to answer any questions you may have about the visual editor.

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